[MEME]music (beta test)

News: Recording sessions of [MEME] emotion @UMinho

Today another presentation was made in the Intelligent System class of Minho University, the next week, day 14/01/2014 we will starting the recording sessions of [MEME] Emotion experience using GAPED with some people of this class at ISLab


News: Meraki Lab

News: more details about meme framework at slideshare

The first public presentation of meme framework (University of Minho) was uploaded with more basic information and details:

News: meme framework monetization

For the sustainability of the people working on this open source project, today was launched offering services related with the framework; according the meme solutions delivery roadmap:

  • memeFramework
  • memeMethodology
  • memeEmotion
  • memeVisualization
  • memeMusic
  • memeP300
  • memeMotion

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News: brain research, connectomics, gamification

This video from nature explains the objective of connectomics project and the importance of gamification to accelerate any research area (powered by people):


The fundamental objective of meme framework is simply record, analyse and decode brain signals from millions of synapses according specific experiences previously designed; meme framework set and fix in the core anatomy components the spatial scale in centimetres (cm) giving importance to the whole voltage source and allowing the measurement of EEG signals mapped directly with specific brain region, according the size of the sensors selected and the headset.

Probably in the next years, meme framework will start to computing and optimising datasets on the cloud, with a on-line repository of experiences and some templates and machine learning models ready to use, certainly, gamification will be the drive of this vision, let’s play and help.

News: meme framework support new device!

Was added in the roadmap and vision scope of the project a new feature:

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